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I will ensure you have a full understanding of all legal requirements of a marriage. I undertake to comply with all areas of the Marriage Act 1961

It is a legal requirement to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form and lodge it with your Celebrant one month prior to your wedding day. It is valid for 18 months.

The Notice of Intended Marriage form can be downloaded from this link Notice-Of-Intended-Marriage The  Word and PDF Formats are available on Attorney-General’s website

Please do not sign the Notice of Intended Marriage Form as the signing must be witnessed by the Celebrant or other authorised person.

Certain documentation must be produced and sighted by the celebrant before the marriage is solemnized i.e. Australian born bride/grooms require original Birth Certificates; Overseas born bride/grooms require either translated  birth certificates or Overseas passports (Australian passports are not accepted); and in the case of a previous marriage a Divorce Order or Death Certificate must be produced.

As your Marriage Celebrant I am required to:
• identify myself to the assembled parties, as the celebrant authorised to solemnise the marriage and say the words required by Section 46 of the Marriage Act (known as the Monitum), in the presence of the parties, the formal witnesses and the guests;
• ensure that the witnesses hear and understand the vows being exchanged, because it is the exchange of vows that constitutes the marriage; minimum statement of vows must be included;
• ensure the couple and the witnesses sign all the documents as required by the Act; and
• register the marriage within 14 days of the ceremony taking place.